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What’s Included:

  • 250 Pulls, each either a Yellow border TSG, Black Border V TSG, Illustrator Rare from S&V era, or a promo of the same art type
  • All cards are english. ROUGHLY half are silver border, half yellow border
  • 25 Cards Valued over $8, with 8 of those cards being valued at $20 or over
  • Pulls will be made at random, there ARE many  duplicates in this pull game
  • This pull game has NO sell-out prize, shop reserves the right to replenish its stock. In the event stock is added, it will be done in lots of 75, with 3 chases being added, one of which will be over $20 in value

7 Die Roll, With Insurance (Keep 1 re-roll other 6), With Bonus Insurance (Keep up to 2 Re-Roll other 5)

Artwork Pull Game


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