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The Rules:

  • The goal of this game is for the stream as a whole to get “Bingo” (five in a row either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally)
  • Each listing is for a single pack of the listed set. $1 of the purchase price feed the jackpot and bounties ($0.50 ADDS to jackpot, $0.50 helps to pay back $1,000 in starter money and any hit bounties) If > 4,000 packs are opened, the full $1 will be added to the progressive pot
  • Orders in multiples of 36 (English Sets) will be broke from sealed booster boxes whenever supplies allow. In the event less than a full booster box of packs is listed, please feel free to ask Levi to shift over inventory to allow for a booster box order
  • Please note, shop reserves the right to add up to 6 Twilight masquerade Hits to the bingo card on release date (any non-hit spot may be replaced at shop’s discretion)
  • To Keep life simple, only Hits (ex and up) will be kept from your break – no holos or reverses
  • Shop reserves the right to put packs on sale or increase bounties on a day to day basis
  • You can win money one of two ways:
  • The FIRST person to hit a square gets the listed !Bounty amount in Store Credit
  • The five people in the FIRST completed bingo set of five will each get 10% of the Final Jackpot amount
  • Those five people will also be entered into a live 5-way drawing for the remaining 50% of the the pot
  • **In the event that two Bingo rows are completed simultaneously, the nine people will each receive 5% of the jackpot, and be entered into a 9-way drawing for the remaining 55%
  • **In the VERY unlikely event that 3 or 4 bingos are completed simultaneously, one winner will still receive a total of 60% of the jackpot, all others will get an equal share
  • In the event that a certain set runs out of stock, please ask Levi. More stock will either be brought from the store, or in the event that the store is out of that particular set, the chase hit will be replaced (no squares will be allowed to go “dead.”) Square hits will be replaced with the following hits, which one determined by spin on a wheel
    – Iono SIR (PE)
    – Groudon IR (PR)
    – Iono SIR (PF)
    – Gouging Fire SIRE (TF)
    – Walking Wake SIR (TF)
    – Snorlax Shiny (PF)

Scarlet Violet Base, Paldea Evolved, Obsidian Flames, Paradox Rift, Temporal Forces, Brilliant Stars, Paldean Fates, Lorcana Inklands, Twilight Masquerade

Bingo !Jackpot (Twilight Masquerade Added!)


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