• The Rules:
    • The goal of this game is to complete all 5 levels of the Tower and then Save the Princess
    • To complete a level the stream must hit 1 Hero, 1 Key, and 1 Monster
    • The first time a Hero, Monster, or Key is hit that is needed to complete the current level, the person hitting it will receive a $100 store credit bounty, the second hit will earn $150 store credit, and the final hit for each level will be worth $200 Store Credit
    • The three people who hit a spot to complete each level will then be entered into an additional drawing for another $50 store credit
    • After each level is complete, another drawing will occur. Level 1 will be for $100, Level 2 $200, Level 3 $400, Level 4 $600, Level 5 $1,000. ALL people who have helped complete all previous levels will be entered into each level drawing (3 names level 1, 6 at level 2… etc… 15 names at level 5)
    • Once a chase has been hit it will be removed from the list of available chases
    • In the event someone hits something NOT needed to complete a level (i.e. you hit a second monster before the key and hero are hit) that chase will remain live and you will get $25 store credit, but no entries into further jackpot drawings
    • After all 5 tower levels are complete, we must save a princess. To do this, we must hit either a Jasmine, Ariel, or Cinderalla Enchanted from Ursula’s Return. These packs will only unlock after the entire Tower is complete. Every pack bought during the tower chase will add $0.25 to a final, one-winner princess jackpot. Find the princess, get the pot. We expect this pot to get over $1,000! Save the princess save the world!
    • Orders in multiples of 36 (English Sets) will be broke from sealed booster boxes whenever supplies allow.
    • Please note, shop reserves the right to add add or remove chases as new sets release or as stock supplies change
    • To Keep life simple, only Hits (ex and up) will be kept from your break – no holos or reverses
    • Shop reserves the right to put packs on sale or increase bounties on a day to day basis, and to make any necessary changes due to any unforeseen circumstances
    • When purchasing SUPER blowout packs, only cards valued at $20 and up (no rounding) may be kept!  All SB Packs are eligible for our standing Super Blowout Bounties. Hit either the Raging Bolt SIR, Roaring Moon SIR, or Greninja SIR and you will receive a $50 Store Credit Bounty (and yes, you keep the card)
    • Heroes
      – Iono SIR (PE)
      – Morty SIR (TF)
      – Miriam SIR (SV)
      – Parasol Lady SIR (PR)
      – Match an SIR Trainer to SAME Reverse/Common/FA Trainer Same Pack (Any)
      – Match an SIR Trainer to SAME Reverse/Common/FA Trainer Same Pack (Any)
    • Keys
      – Gold Buddy Buddy Poffin (TM)
      – Rainbow Charizard VSTAR (BrS)
      – Groudon IR (PR)
      – 2 Koraidon OR Miraidon in one pack (one a secret) (SV)
      – Gold Energy Matches Regular Energy in Pack (any)
    • Monsters
      – Charizard V Alt Art (BrS)
      – Chien-Pao SIR (PE)
      – Roaring Moon SIR (PR)
      – 2 Teal masks (one Secret) in one Pack (TM)
      – Greninja (Monster Level 1)
      – Gengar FA (keyLevel 1)
      – Carmine SIR (Hero Level 1)
      – Magikarp IR (Key level 2)
      Raging Bolt SIR (Monster Level 2)

Scarlet Violet Base, Paldea Evolved, Obsidian Flames, Paradox Rift, Temporal Forces, Brilliant Stars, Lorcana Ursula's Return, Twilight Masquerade, Brilliant Stars, Twilight Masquerade SUPER BLOWOUT, Temporal Forces SUPER BLOWOUT, Paradox Rift SUPER BLOWOUT

Dungeons and Degens – $6,000+ In SC Prizes


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