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Select Your Level, Please note that each level has a final value limit, if you exceed this limit PSA will charge an extra fee to the shop, which you will be billed for. Final Value is determined based on the value of the graded slab, NOT the raw single. So it is always safest to assume your card will receive a 10 when determining level.

Days estimated is the PSA processing time, and does NOT include time for shop to process. Please note that there is a minimum number of cards (20) that must be submitted for the shop to qualify for bulk submissions, meaning that submissions may be delayed as we wait to reach that number.

– Bulk Level: Up to $199 Value, 65 Days

  • Bulk Level: up to $199 Value, 65 Days
  • Value Level: up to $499 Value, 65 Days
  • Value+ Level: up to $499 Value, 20 Days
  • Regular Level: up to $1,499 Value, 10 Days
  • Express Level: up to $2,499 Value, 5 Days
  • Super Express Level up to $4,999 Value, 3 days
  • Pack Grading up to $349 (includes $23 return insured shipping surcharge from PSA)

Bulk, Value, Value +, Regular, Express, Super Express, Pack Grading

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