• When purchasing SUPER blowout packs, only cards valued at $20 and up (no rounding) may be kept!
  • If you buy a FULL booster box in 1 order and pull no cards $20 or up, you will get Store Credit equivalent to 80% market value of the best card you hit
  • All Packs are eligible for our standing Super Blowout Bounties. Hit either the Raging Bolt SIR, Roaring Moon SIR, or Greninja SIR and you will receive a $50 Store Credit Bounty (and yes, you keep the card)


Live Break Information:

  • *NEW* Any and ALL Purchases (ETBs, Booster Booster boxes, Packs, etc) MAY be kept sealed. This will incur extra shipping charges and require you to ship sooner due to limited storage availability
  • Breaks will be opened on our Twitch stream in the order received (please see our live Queue)
  • Breaks will include “Hits” and up, unless otherwise indicated by your order
  • Please keep in mind that shipping must be purchased within one month of the date of your last purchase, drawers left abandoned may be subject to re-possession by the shop
  • Shipping is sold separately, and is NOT included with the price of your break purchase

Paradox Rift Box, Paradox Rift Pack, Temporal Forces Box, Temporal Forces Pack, Twilight Masquerade Box, Twilight Masquerade Pack

Super Blowout Packs & Boxes w/$50 Bounties


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