Terms of Service

  • Customers will only receive their “hits,” meaning that for Pokemon breaks: no basic energies, commons, uncommons, holo commons, or holo uncommons will be shipped, unless specifically requested by the customer. For sports breaks, no non-numbered and non-parallel base cards will be shipped. In the event that bulk is requested, additional charges may be incurred.
  • By purchasing our products, you agree to have us open your chosen sealed products during our designated breaking times on our live stream. Breaks will not be paused or cancelled in the event that customers are not present in the stream at the time of break. Breaks currently occur Monday through Friday between 12pm and 5pm ET but are subject to change at any time. We recommend joining the discord for updates.
  • Breaks will be performed in the order that their associated purchases were made. To track purchases, please see our live Queue.
  • In the event that a live team break is not completely sold out in time for breaking during a live stream time slot, the break will be postponed until the next live breaking slot.
  • Please view our complete Terms of Service.
Please Note that Shipping is Sold Seperately !Ship